Educating the public about the importance of gourds.

The South Carolina Gourd Society  Patches

Gourd Patches, or groups of people interested in pursing their interest in gourd art, are formed wherever there is sufficient support. Patches formulate their own meeting times, their structure, dues fees and educational requirements. They are linked to a State Gourd Society. The State Society is made up of a Board of Directors, elected officers and Patch Leaders who meet regularly to provide support and guidance to the Patches and to maintain a consistent link to the American Gourd Society



The Cypress Patch - Sumter, SC

Meets: 1st Tuesday of the month
Where: North Hope Community Center in Sumter
What Time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m 

Patch LeaderMary Anne Fountain
Phone: 803-437-2950
Website: Cypress Gourd Patch 

The Palmetto Patch - Greenville, SC

Meets: 2nd Saturday of each month
Hobby Lobby Wade Hampton Blvd.  Taylors. S.C.
What Time: 9:30 am until 2:00 pm 

Patch Leader
: Marianne Barnes
Phone: 864-244-3297