Educating the public about the importance of gourds.

The South Carolina Gourd Society and Ghost Creek Gourd Farm will host their 11th Annual Gourd Fest Saturday April 16th, 2016 in Laurens, SC at Ghost Creek Gourd Farm.

The classes and registration form have been updated for our upcoming GourdFest. The deadline to register for classes at the 2016 GourdFest is April 1, 2016. Please click the links below to see the classes and to print a registration form.

link to    Morning Workshops for 2016 GourdFest

    link to    Afternoon Workshops for 2016 GourdFest

  Click here to print the registration form

New this year:  Anyone wanting to sell in the SC Gourd Society Sales Tent is ask to  print a copy of the Inventory Form  and have it filled in when bringing your items to the  Sales Tent at the Gourd Fest Event. The folks managing  the Tent will take your items and check off your list, keeping your list for you to pick-up along with any unsold items at the end of the Show. This will allow for a smoother and quicker check in process that morning. Also be sure your item/items are marked with an Item # and your name. As previously The SC Gourd Society will collect a 10% fee for each item sold.

Click here to print the inventory form